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5 Weird Things To Put In Your Pencil Case

5 Weird Things To Put In Your Pencil Case

Pencil Cases are super versatile. You really can organize anything in them! Here's some of the strangest (and best) ways we've seen people using their Sliding Pencil Case

Some of these are... questionable 🤔

1. Treat Stasher

Keep your cat's snacks and treats organized. We LOVE this idea. It really is a purrfect use for a PushCase. Just make sure you wash thoroughly if you want to use again for pencils.

Cat sitting next to a black cat pencil case with treats in it

2. Makeup Brush Holder

Storing makeup brushes in your pencil pouch is an easy way to stay organized. Especially if you're using them on the go!

Makeup brushes organized inside a pencil case

3. Medicine Bag

Medications should be kept together in one place so you don't lose them. Why not put them in a dedicated pencil case?

We've had one of our customers tell us they love telling their kids "It's time for my medication, go get the cat bag from my purse"

Medication and pills organized inside a pencil case

4. Travel Toothbrush Holder

We're not sure if storing your toothbrushes in your pencil case is a good idea or not. But it can be done! This type of storage solution would work great for travel, as long as you're not putting your toiletries away wet.

Toothbrushes organized inside a pencil case

5. Drink cooler

You probably can't store your drinks in any regular old pencil case. However, the shape of our PushCase allows a full soda can to slot in perfectly! Now that's something you don't see everyday.

Soda can inside a pencil case

This goes to show that some of the everyday items we own and love have many other uses. Who would've thought!

Sparked your imagination? Grab one today from PushCases and show us what you'd use it for!


  • Didn’t realize a can could fit. Does this mean it works in the car too? like in the cup holder

    Kevin on

  • Drink cooler!? Have to try this with mine!

    kiiitxco2 on

  • this is actually so cool!!! I wanted one for my daughters coloring pencils, but now you’ve convinced me i need them for myself too LOL

    Kelly on

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