Hi, my name is Ace. PushCases was founded to helps save cats like me.

My human mother passed away too early, at 39, and I no longer had a home. Thankfully, her cousin (the founder of PushCases) took me in and gave me a new life. If it wasn't for her, we're not sure what would've happened to me. Every year, 1000's of cats face a similar fate. But shelters are under funded, and many are unable to get the love and care that they deserve.

My new mother wants to help fix this. So she invented the Sliding Pencil Case in a bid to help raise funds. You can never have enough cats, or stationery, so it was a no brainer to mix the two!

As of right now, we donate 10% to Cat Shelters across the United States. And hope to expand to support them globally in the coming year.

Because of the overwhelming support and demand from people like you, there will be more designs coming soon as well. We want to think bigger and support more animals. Dogs are planned for the next release, so get excited! You can sign up here to be among the first to be notified.

In the mean time, please try to help spread us the word about our mission. You can do this by ordering our original Cat Sliding Pencil Case, or even just sharing our website with your friends.

We're most active on facebook and instagram if you want to say hello.


Love always,

Ace the cat (and Fluffball Assistant).