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NEW Designs Are Coming Soon...

NEW Designs Are Coming Soon...


Thanks SO much for your suggestions!

It's awesome to see all of the wonderful design ideas we've been getting.

We totally understand that not everyone likes cats - and that our fans want to see more things on our Sliding Pencil Cases.

Just know that we're working on it! Since we're still a small business, the manufacturing process can be slow. 

While you wait... the cat cases still make adorable gifts. So if you know a cat lover (or someone who will love the pencil case even with a cat on it) then feel free to Order Here

Thanks and have a wonderful week! 😊

~ PushCases (and our mascot Ace)


PS: We have other stationery items for sale on our store, including Cat Rulers and super cute Paw Pens. Be sure to check them out!


  • Fantastic Idea with lots of possibilities ! Such Fun!

    PAmela SInclair on

  • Any animals please.

    Sheila Williamson on

  • Pugs please! All colours!

    Moog on

  • Adorable!!! More kitty colors. Also love giraffes and penguins !

    Karen on

  • Siamese cat please. And gray squirrels. Love them. Owls,too.

    Virginia on

  • These are adorable. However we are not cat people. Would love to see a giraffe on these. My son loves pigs & my daughter loves Unicorns. The price point should be more like $12 in my opinion, especially with shipping price. Can’t wait to see new designs!

    Bethanie on

  • It would be great if Chanel Miller designed a case with her drawings!

    REnee kIng on

  • Would love woodland animals! For example: deer, bear, fox, raccoon etc!

    Catherine on

  • Would love to see panda, giraffe, unicorn and solid color cases!

    Tammy on

  • Would love to have some with a space theme, like stars/galaxy. For animals, a rabbit and or a llamas/alpacas!

    Lizde on

  • How long can we estimate that a new pattern will take? I second the shorter/wider design for crayons. Also giraffe, panda, unicorn, rockets/space and even pigs/cows.

    Jill Shoemaker on

  • I second giraffe and would add panda, unicorn, and rocket ship!

    Amanda on

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