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NEW Designs Are Coming Soon...

NEW Designs Are Coming Soon...


Thanks SO much for your suggestions!

It's awesome to see all of the wonderful design ideas we've been getting.

We totally understand that not everyone likes cats - and that our fans want to see more things on our Sliding Pencil Cases.

Just know that we're working on it! Since we're still a small business, the manufacturing process can be slow. 

While you wait... the cat cases still make adorable gifts. So if you know a cat lover (or someone who will love the pencil case even with a cat on it) then feel free to Order Here

Thanks and have a wonderful week! 😊

~ PushCases (and our mascot Ace)


PS: We have other stationery items for sale on our store, including Cat Rulers and super cute Paw Pens. Be sure to check them out!


  • Dinosaurs and outer space.

    Marsha Carey on

  • I’m a parrot parrent, maybe some green cheek conures and macaws

    Sal on

  • Definitely more animals that can be for boys too! I need some tigers, lions, zebras (I know, but I’ve got a kid who’s obsessed with zebras!), foxes!

    Allison Peters on

  • Can I mix and match the cat and dog design in on order and still get the 4th pencil case free ?


  • They all look cute. What about horses or baby tigers or baby gorillas

    Beatrice Wise on

  • Will you be having any cases that are more masculine? What about action heroes

    Terri on

  • Do you have any rabbit pencil cases?

    Lisa on

  • I’m not a cat be person but these are right up my street. Any other animals penguins and pandas have already been suggested and in plain colours too I guess they could be multi purpose and you put your mobile phone in??

    Karin Evans on

  • Dachshunds and Corgies. Cows too!

    Mary Mancini on

  • My daughter is mad about horses. This would make great stocking fillers for my 4 girls. If there is a horse design, a frenchie and perhaps something japanese like a little geisha that’s 3 I’m buying straight away.

    Joanne on

  • A cute giraffe, lambs, and butterflies🤗

    Donna on

  • Mixed breed dogs ( Adopt, not shop!) and giraffes sound good to me.

    Celeste Clements on

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