Brand NEW Packaging for our Pencil Cases! 🎉👀 | PushCases

Brand NEW Packaging for our Pencil Cases! 🎉👀

Brand NEW Packaging for our Pencil Cases! 🎉👀

We listened to your feedback, and went back to the drawing board to create some brand new packaging for our Sliding Pencil Cases 😊

In past orders, they were sent in clear ziploc bags and didn't include any instructions on how to use them. But that's all changed as of today.

Now if you're giving a PushCase as a gift, the recipient can easily understand how to use it!

While we were at it, we gave our mailing bags a makeover too. Check out the photos below.

NEW Ziploc Bags


NEW Mailing Bags


All orders placed from today onwards will include these pawwsome new custom ziploc bags and mailing bags.

Rumor has it that our Cat Assistant Ace includes a surprise in each bag now too while he's packing orders... 😉

So it's time to start shopping.


Do you think our new packaging is cute? Leave a comment below.⁠⁣⁠ We'd love to hear from you and see what you think.


  • I love your pencil cases but I am sorry to See again more plastic ( case, lining) being produced in order o appeal to the vegan population. What’ wrong with recycled paper. It’ S mech more ecological.

    Myriam Altman on

  • I love the claw me open on the mailing bag, how adorable. Will order again soon for christmas gifts! have plenty of grand children that would like them.

    Ellen B on

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