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Easter Hamper Gift Ideas for Children

Easter Hamper Gift Ideas for Children

Nobody will blame you if you go overboard with your kids' Easter baskets this year. Children, like everyone else, have had a rough 12 months, so anything that adds an extra dose of fun and happiness to their life is well worth it!

It's time to load up their Easter baskets with lots of chocolate, new toys, fun stationery items and more.

Here's some great Easter hamper gift ideas for children.

Bunny Rabbit Bookmark Stickies

There's nothing cuter than these adorable bunny rabbit sticky notes. They're here to save your spot in a good book! Just tear one off the sticky pad and place it on the page you're up to. They can be also used in your school books, textbooks, paper work etc.

Easter rabbit bookmark stickers

Adding these stickers to your Easter gift basket is a no brainer.

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Kitty Push Pencil Case

Kids absolutely love these Sliding Pencil Cases. We recommend getting one for each child and filling all of them up with eggs and other goodies! The cute kitty design is timeless and will still remain well loved even after Easter has come and gone.

This is really a practical item that could even double as a gift basket if you want it to!

Shop here 👉 Cat Sliding Pencil Case

Puppy Push Pencil Case

Is your child more of a Dog person? We totally understand! That's why we recently released a new puppy version of the Sliding Pencil Case. You can add it this version to your gift basket instead.

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We hope you enjoyed these recommendations. Check back next Easter for some more! In 2021 we plan to have fun Easter activity packs and Bunny cases available.


  • The rabbit stickers are so stinkin cute!

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